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PBC News & Comment: Obama Says Iran at Least 1 Year Away From Nuke

In Israeli TV interview advancing his visit in late March, Obama seems to delay timeline for possible attack on Iran…..his comments suggest subtle differences with Israel’s Netanyahu, or an intention of “constructive ambiguity”

–Iran fighter jet approached a US drone over Persian Gulf on Tuesday, but was warned off by 2 US fighter jets

–Brad Friedman of Bradblog updates the takedown of ACORN by deceptive videos made by James O’Keefe, who has just agreed to pay $100,000 to one of the ACORN employees he slimed

–Obama announces new Energy Trust, funded by carbon fuels, to invest a mere $2 billion in renewables

–Steve Horn’s lastest article breaks down the frackademia report that greatly exaggerates benefits and minimizes risks of fracking in California

–China installs new president, Xi Jinping

–newly-installed Pope Francis I is defended by Vatican press office, blaming “the anti-clerical left” for asking embarrassing questions about his role during Argentina’s “dirty war”

–new emergency manager is named for Detroit

–Judge is removed from Mafia trial

–PBC found himself agreeing with Rush about the risks assumed by NFL players, but it was brief, as Fat Mouth then blamed liberals

–JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon is slammed in Congressional report over $6 billion in gambling losses, or, if you prefer, “risky investments”

–Ed Schultz is dumped from primetime on MSNBC