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PBC News & Comment: Bibi & Barack Lovefest in Israel

Netanyahu warmly greets Obama, who arrives in Israel with no peace plan or clear purpose and limo that conks out….Obama’s first stop, at the airport, is to inspect an “Iron Dome” missile defense

–on 10th anniversary of our “liberation” of Iraq, 65 people are killed in 20 different incidents

–Thomas Frank of Harper’s recalls the moment in 2003 when he realized that the case for invading Iraq was a complete concoction, in this excerpt from our in-depth interview

–Jess Bravin, reporter for Wall Street Journal, and author of Rough Justice, talks about the slow, lengthy process of trying suspects before military commissions, in this excerpt from our in-depth interview

–BP declines to bid for new oil leases in Gulf of Mexico, even as Interior Dept. bent the rules to allow BP to bid

–Rand Paul offers kinder, gentler view of GOP immigration views, driven by “autopsy” report

–Sen. Reid pulls Feinstein’s assault weapons ban from senate gun control package

–Oakland’s new ID card for non-citizens has debit card features with predatory fees

Sea Shephard fleet returns to port, declares victory over Japanese whaling ships as Capt. Paul Watson fights extradition to Germany