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PBC News & Comment Special: Iraq, 10 Years After Bush’s Biggest Blunder

From the PBC tax-deductible music and sound archives, we take you back to 2002-04 with soundbites from the Bush Gang… your humble host recaps some of the spin, lies and propaganda that enabled the tragic war of choice and phony “coalition of the billing” that arrogantly took us into Iraq.

You will hear the artfully scripted comments from Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and Powell, along with the clear contradictions presented at the time by weapons inspectors Hans Blix and Scott Ritter.  We also hear direct challenges to the assertions of BushCo from former CIA officers Mel Goodman and Ray McGovern, and give special mention to filmmaker Robert Greenwald for his documentaries that exposed the lies.

This stream of recent history is punctuated with satirical songs that proliferated under Bush.