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PBC News & Comment: PBC is Released from San Quentin!

Your humble host visited the inmate staff of San Quentin News today, and was released from the prison as expected……You can read the News here.  Post a comment and let them know who sent you.

–in an excerpt from our in-depth interview, progressive activist and author Norman Solomon talks about challenging Obama and Democrats on critical issues like our constitutional rights, and safety net programs

–just before he left Israel, Obama got Netanyahu to finally “express regret” to Turkey for Israel’s 2010 assault on unarmed Gaza Flotilla;  BBC News gave more details of the moment than NY Times

–Kurds agree to truce with Turkey as peace process appears to move forward

–Hezbollah agent is convicted in Cyprus, as Cyprus continues to struggle with demands from EU banksters

–PBC subbed for Angie Coiro on In Deep, you can listen here

–proposed Gitmo construction will cost almost $200 million

–“Monsanto Protection Act” is amended to bill that keeps government running, fueled by plenty of campaign cash

–important, detailed story on NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake by Andrew Kreig

–NSA hands off domestic email snooping to DHS, to make us feel better about it