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PBC News & Comment: Senators Lose Sleep Over Budget Vote

Senate passes first budget in 4 years in overnight session, after snoozing on proposed assault weapons ban, takes 2-week vacation…..We thank The Onion for its scatalogical description of the Senate’s failure on gun legislation, then delve into the budget–which is about as meaningful as last week’s soap opera script

–sequester cuts to FAA threaten to cut air traffice controllers at O’Hare

–cuts to military cause cancellation of precision air shows, which PBC says are “ugly display of military might, and big waste of tax dollars”

–Detroit emergency manager took over today

NY Times runs important front page Sunday story on abusive solitary confinement in immigration prisons, but ignores the fact that many American prisoners are held in isolation for much longer periods of time

–Steve Horn is covering the NATO 3 trial in Chicago, read his Truthout report here

–comical presidential candidate Michele Bachman is under investigation for campaign violations, as her lies at CPAC conference are exposed

–Supreme Court looks at marriage equality this week, with oral arguments on Prop. 8 and Defense of Marriage Act

–the apology that Obama prodded Netanyahu to deliver to Turkey may have positive impact

–US finally transfers Parwan Prison to Afghan control

–Syrian opposition leader quits

–Cypress appears to work out bailout deal

–Chantix advertises its “quit smoking” drug with a required list of ugly side effects