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PBC News & Comment: Oral Stimulation–Supreme Court Argues Prop. 8

With fascinating sound bites from today’s oral arguments, PBC guesses that Supreme Court won’t issue broad ruling on marriage equality….With thanks to the Court for the quick release of audio recordings of today’s historic hearing, we bring you key excerpts of the arguments aired in this important case, wih is an appeal of the district court ruling that overturned the ban on marriage equity imposed by voter-approved Prop. 8

With all eyes and ears on Justice Anthony Kennedy, the impression is that there are not 5 votes to overturn Prop. 8.

While your humble host has slammed the Court for inappropriate denials of legal standing in other important case, there is a substantial argument that the parties who argued for Prop. 8 do not have standing.  It’s possible the Court will duck the larger issues to avoid setting a bad precedent.

In this recap, you will hear exchanges dominated by the justice or attorney listed below:

Kennedy:  listen to the voices of 37,000 kids of same sex couples in CA

Breyer:  regarding  procreation, we don’t ban sterile couples from marriage

Kagan:  we allow couples over 55 to marry, who are unlikely to procreate

Charles Cooper argues that marriage promotes fidelity and monogamy

Ted Olson:  personal right, equal protection
He argues with Scalia about when same sex marriage  found constitutional

Roberts:  just about the label

Sotomayor:  Can state limit anything, number of persons, incest? Should a ruling be limited to California?

Alito:  same sex marriage is newer than cellphones, internet

Solicitor General Verrilli responds to Cooper—CA voters hit delete, not pause.