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PBC News & Comment: Supremes Likely to Strike Down DOMA

Roy Zimmerman’s “Defenders of Marriage” sets the tone for report on Supreme Court oral arguments on DOMA, Bill Clinton’s blunder…..Today’s second consecutive session on marriage equality delivers strong hints that Justice Kennedy will join the 4 non-conservatives on the court to overturn the federal ban on same sex marriage

–excerpt from interview with Andy Worthington on widespread hunger strike at Guantanamo

–excerpt from our interview with Julia Davis about the latest retaliation she is getting for telling the truth

–North Dakota enacts abortion restrictions that are clearly unconstitutional

–Obama signs bill that includes Monsanto Protection Act

–bill that would extend lease of California oyster farm also approves Keystone pipeline and expanded offshore drilling

–the court-martial of Private Bradley Manning isn’t secret, but many of the court documents are

–America’s favorite Perv returns, that’s Paksitani strongman Pervez Musharraf

–Dionne Warwick files for bankruptcy–where are all her Psychic Friends?