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PBC News & Comment: Gitmo Hunger Strikers Report Cutoff of Drinking Water

As corporate media finally start to cover Guantanamo hunger strike, ABC reports drinking water cutoff, S.F. Chronicle runs strong editorial….–deadbeat dad who fathered Monsanto Protection Act is identified: Monsanto’s wholly-owned senator, Roy Blunt (R-MO)

–BRICS nations announce plan to from rival for WOrld Bank, International Monetary Fund

–N. Korea’s threats get louder, crazier

–Steve Horn updates NATO 3 pretrial proceedings in Chicago, as judge rules Illinois terrorism law is constitutional

–PBC subbed for Angie Coiro again this week on her In Deep program, where we talk about the Supreme Court hearings on Prop 8 and DOMA, and talk about socially conscious music with the lgendary Country Joe McDonald

–oil giant Chevron’s Board did the right thing (even if not for the right reasons) by cutting bonus and stock options for CEO, in part due to his terrible safety record in 2012

–Will Durst drops by to talk about this week’s debate on marriage equality