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PBC News & Comment: Scrushy Sheds New Light on Siegelman Case

Richard Scrushy, convicted in Siegelman case, gives exclusive interview, adds new dimensions to sordid political prosecution linked to Karl Rove…In this excerpt from our in-depth interview, Scrushy tells why he thinks Rove targeted him with Siegelman, and declares that they are innocent.  Hear the full interview at–no subscription needed.

We also cover the latest efforts in Alabama to eliminate access to legal abortion, through arbitrary regulations.

–Obama hits San Francisco ATM for $3 million in campaign cash, hints that he will be approving Keystone XL

–Steve Horn reports that Exxon-Mobil is running a no-fly zone over their tar sands pipeline spill in Arkansas

–Horn also reports the dirt on the contractor that wrote the study for the State Deparment that Keystone XL should be OK’d

NY Times editorial chides Justice Ginsburg for comments about Roe v. Wade, hinting that she thinks marriage equality should take more time

–Israeli airstrikes on Gaza in retaliation for harmless rocket fire from Gaza that was in retaliation for death of Palestinian in Israeli jail

–Google files suit to block FBI National Security Letters and their gag rules

–North Carolina kills bill for official state religion

–NBC makes it official, Jimmy Fallon will replace Jay Leno

–movie citic Roger Ebert dies at 70