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PBC News & Comment: Obama is a Terrible Negotiator!

Again, Obama serves up “chained CPI” proposal to cut Social Security benefits, PBC joins Robert Reich in saying “it’s crazy”…..Here is the link to Reich’s column and video about Social Security

–in another excerpt for our in-depth interview with Richard Scrushy, he explains how witnesses were induced to lie about him and Siegelman

–Pentagon acknowledges and rationalizes Gitmo hunger strike, reports Jason Leopold

–Andy Worthington shares log of recent prisoner abuse at Gitmo, from British prisoner Shaker Aamer via his attorney, Clive Stafford Smith

–Dan McGowan, animal rights activist convicted for arson, was re-jailed for posting an article on Huffington Post about how prison officials tried to prevent him from communicating while in prison

–Huffington Post promotes cheesy, soft porn stories with racy pics

–judge takes action that Obama was too timid to take: rules that morning after pill must be sold over the counter with no restrictions

–new plan says removing dams on Klamath River would increase salmon run by 81% and create 4,500 jobs for 15 years

–Obama draws criticism for praising the good looks of California Attorney General Kamala Harris

–new poll shows majority supports legalizing marijuana