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PBC News & Comment: Reagan’s Advice Applied to Commenting on Thatcher’s Death

In rare soundbite fromĀ  GE’s luxury skybox in the hereafter, Reagan advises PBC on comments about recently departed Maggie Thatcher….and your humble host asks, “Are students having sex at Boston College?”

–hear part of ex-pat journalist Frank Viviano’s comments about the banking crisis in Cyprus, from today’s in-depth interview package

–and hear a unique take on the prospect of a US-Israeli attack on Iran from Jeff Halper, an American living in Israel

–plot thickens in story of an American who was fighting with the rebels in Syria and is now in prison in the US

Mother Jones scores with another secret tape of GOP meeting, this time a campaign huddle with Sen. Mitch McConnell

–prospects of GOP filibuster of gun bills in the Senate decline

–crazy guy with a knife stabs 12 or more at Texas college

–PBC is offered gun advocates to comment on knife fight, because “more guns” is always the way to go

–Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog has the dirty details on Obama’s new Energy Secretary, MIT’s Ernest Moniz

–federal judge halts plan to frack Monterey Shale in California

–American Conservative Union seeks cash from defense and construction industries to lobby against cuts to (you guessed it!) defense and construction

–California oyster farm’s lease extension is included in bill to speed Keystone XL pipeline and expand offshore drilling–NY Times covers a story you heard here first

–oh, yeah, you were promised a story about sex at Jesuit-run Boston College