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Filmmaker Jean Phillippe Tremblay on “Shadows of Liberty”, Important New Documentary About Failings of US Media



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An important documentary just released, Shadows of Liberty, explores the failure of America’s consolidated corporate media to deliver critical information to viewers and readers, and its complicity with the government to censor stories that are inconvenient to advertisers, government and the media conglomerates.  We talk with filmmaker Jean Phillippe Tremblay, who acknowledges that the corporate media will not cover his film or the important issues it raises.  But it’s surprising that more than 50 local film festivals around the country have declined to show it.  For a limited time, the film is being streamed here at no charge.

For PBC listeners, the most notable segment of the film covers the story of Sibel Edmonds, the former FBI translator who co-hosts the Boiling Frogs interview series.  Tremblay does a good job of summarizing her case and the virtual media blackout of the important charges she raised.

The film also takes on the slimy NBC series, To Catch a Predator, which entrapped would-be sex criminals and generated ratings through its voyeuristic appeal.  And it profiles important cases that were censored by major networks regarding Nike, TWA flight 800, the propaganda that led us into the Iraq war and more.  It offers a history of the commercial media model, and presents cogent comments from more than 35 media workers and critics, including:  Norman Solomon, John Nichols, Jeff Cohen, Bob McChesney, Danny Glover, Julian Assange, Dan Rather, Brad Friedman and many others.

Check the film’s website for more info, including a major screening in Los Angeles on April 13.