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PBC News & Comment: Poison Packages in DC as Weak Gun Bill is Poisoned in Senate

White House and 3 Senators report suspicious packages, 2 confirmed to contain ricin; NRA double-cross kills Manchin-Toomey bill...but the real causes are conservaDems and filibuster.

--Gallup poll says only 4% think new gun laws are important

--Robert Greenwald releases new documentary on whistleblowers, including NSA's Tom Drake

--Drake is about to be interviewed for our next in-depth interview podcast, which includes his former NSA colleague Bill Binney and reporter Tim Shorrock of The Nation; here, you'll hear an excerpt from Binney on why he quit NSA

--Senate immigration bill delivers for high tech industry, almost doubling number of H1-B visas for low-paid foreign workers

--unanimous ruling from 3-judge panel limits detention of undocumented people awaiting deportation

--Senate Resolution 65 locks US into supporting Israel if it attacks Iran

--Sen. Boxer sponsors AIPAC bill to allow Israelis to enter US without a visa, enabling Israel's discrimination against Palestinians and others

--House is debating a bad bill called CISPA, which even the White House says does not protect privacy of Americans

--California's public utilities commission is in the pockets of the utilities it regulates, says new report

--California appeals court upholds incest law, which should tone down hysterical opposition to marriage equality, but probably won't