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PBC News & Comment: Boston Hero Carlos Arredondo, Antiwar Activist

Carlos Arredondo lost one son to Iraq war, another to suicide;  he was there for victims of  Boston Marathon bombing….Obama feels compelled to call it a “terrorist event” to quiet critics, as Michael Savage quickly concludes “Islamic terrorism” and Alex Jones ally floats “false flag” allegation.

PBC notes the strong theme of American exceptionalism that informs the coverage and the call to anger, with no acknowledgment that our wars of choice, Guantanamo and drone strikes can create blowback, and motivate people to harm innocent Americans.

–new report flatly confirms that the US used torture approved at the highest levels, and that more than 3 prisoners were waterboarded

–in Venezuela, razor-thin election margin leads to quick certification instead of recount or rerun

–in Pakistan, panel bars Pervez Musharraf from elective office

–Virginia joins 9 other state in imposing arbitrary conditions on abortion clinics; where are the Democrats?

–Pacific Gas & Electric cut $50 million from pipeline safety and inspections in the 3 years before deadly San Bruno gas explosion