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PBC News & Comment: Events in Boston “Try Men’s Souls”

Opening with Kingston Trio's MTA, as the "T" is shut down, Boston streets deserted for dragnet search; "Be Skeptical", sez your humble host....unlike CNN, PBC can admit mistakes, as Texas blast victim count is still uncertain.

--in excerpt from new in-depth interview released to subscribers today, Thomas Drake talks about damage to our Constitutional rights from the NSA's illegal wiretapping programs

--Pentagon confirms 63 of 166 Gitmo prisoners on hunger strike, one man reported near death

--92 House Dems voted for CISPA, a very bad cyber intelligence bill;  White House threatens veto, but the vote means that almost half the Dems in the House don't care about privacy and civil liberties

--North Korea substitutes unreasonable demands for last week's threats of war

--French and British reports say Syria has used chemical weapons

--CIA airstrike April 7 killed 17 Afghan civilians incl. 12 children, Karzai objects

--Musharref flees to avoid jail in Pakistan

--Israel says it's ready for solo attack on Iran

--as US announces $10 billion in new arms sales to Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates

If you listen all the way to the end, PBC reveals the signifigance of April 21.