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PBC News & Comment: Events in Boston “Try Men’s Souls”

Opening with Kingston Trio’s MTA, as the “T” is shut down, Boston streets deserted for dragnet search; “Be Skeptical”, sez your humble host….unlike CNN, PBC can admit mistakes, as Texas blast victim count is still uncertain.

–in excerpt from new in-depth interview released to subscribers today, Thomas Drake talks about damage to our Constitutional rights from the NSA’s illegal wiretapping programs

–Pentagon confirms 63 of 166 Gitmo prisoners on hunger strike, one man reported near death

–92 House Dems voted for CISPA, a very bad cyber intelligence bill;  White House threatens veto, but the vote means that almost half the Dems in the House don’t care about privacy and civil liberties

–North Korea substitutes unreasonable demands for last week’s threats of war

–French and British reports say Syria has used chemical weapons

–CIA airstrike April 7 killed 17 Afghan civilians incl. 12 children, Karzai objects

–Musharref flees to avoid jail in Pakistan

–Israel says it’s ready for solo attack on Iran

–as US announces $10 billion in new arms sales to Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates

If you listen all the way to the end, PBC reveals the signifigance of April 21.