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PBC News & Comment: Pete McCloskey and Earth Day, Many Big Questions About Boston Plot

We honor retired Rep. Pete McCloskey on Earth Day, and review some major questions about alleged Boston Marathon bombers… news breaks of Canadian train bomb plot “thwarted” by Mounties

–Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is charged with two death penalty counts, and read his rights by magistrate

–his parents both say that their sons were framed, and that older son Tamerlan had been under FBI watch for 3 years

–Britain’s Daily Mirror reports FBI is pursuing up to 12-member “sleeper cell” that included Tsarnaev brothers

–US media assumes the guilt of the brothers, drops references like “alleged” and “accused”

–“Land Destroyer” blog shows pictures of Boston crime scene with unidentified “contractor types” in uniforms with black SUV that has hi-tech antennas who appear to be known to FBI agent

–PBC notes that most domestic terrorism cases have involved a paid informant/provacateur, which invites skepticism of Tsarnaev story

–final death toll in West, Texas fertilizer factory blast is 15

–federal judge in San Francisco challenges ObamaCo claims of secrecy in No Fly List case

–new Defense boss Chuck Hagel is in Israel, working to disprove impression that he is insufficiently loyal to Israel

–Turks who lost family members to Israeli attack on Mavi Marmara and freedom flotilla, refuse to accept compensation from Israel until it lifts blockade of Gaza