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Progressive Economist Prof. Gar Alperovitz Talks About the Need for Radical Change in Economic Order; Gary Chew on New Redford Film; Will Durst on Senate Cowards



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Prof.  Gar Alperovitz on his new book: What Then Must We Do?  Straight Talk About the Next American Revolution.  Film reviewer Gary Chew on Robert Redford’s The Company You Keep, and Will Durst slams the Senate for killing new gun regulations.Alperovitz is a bright, well-rounded public intellectual who teaches Political Economy at University of Maryland, and is cofounder of The Democracy Collaborative.  He also held key staff positions for the US House and Senate and the State Department.  He outlines his vision in the context of current issues like Obama’s “chained CPI” proposal to cut Social Security benefits, and the tax avoidance schemes used by highly profitable US corporations, notably Apple.  He talks about new paradigms of employee ownership, and the challenges faced by Detroit and other cities.  And he talks about the need for a soft revolution to drive the sweeping changes he hopes for.

At 46:24, Gary Chew checks in with his movie review, and about 5 minutes later, Will Durst locks and unloads on the Senate.