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Rev. Billy Returns with Golden Toad Extinction Resurrection Tour



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Experience many facets of my friend, Rev. Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping.  In this expansive interview, Bill Talen gets laughs and shares sorrow over rampant consumerism and threats to the planet.Rev. Billy has evolved from a satirical preacher into a populist leader, still fronting his Stop Shopping gospel choir and staging interventions at banks and other sources of the scourges of our times.  He describes the new messages targeting JP Morgan Chase and other enablers of the corporate agenda, and presents some new songs by the choir.  Invoking his 3-year-old daughter Lena, he says the “gradualist” approach of Bill McKibben and others to climate change must be amped up.  He talks about his part of Occupy NY and its impact, and discusses his run for mayor of NYC.  Get all the scoop on Rev. Billy here.