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PBC News & Comment: “Justice” Dept. Immunizes A T & T in New Net Surveillance

CNET News report Justice Dept. has issued immunity letters to network operators for new suveillance program…it’s secret, of course…this move conflicts with White House veto threat of CISPA and underscores warnings from Bill Binney and Tom Drake in our NSA series

–Rev. Billy talks about the failure of “gradualism” on climate change, in this excerpt from our in-depth interview

–Canadian enviro photographer Garth Lenz, from an interview to be released on 4/26, talk about the costs of tar sands oil extraction

–Obama White House declines invitation to appear at Senate hearing on drones and killing policy, as a man from Yemen talks about the immediate blowback from a strike in Yemen last week

–right-wing Washington Post columnist has it “right” about the fake furlough crisis for air traffic controllers

–CIA had requested that Tamerlan Tsarnaev be placed on a watch list, but it did not happen

–SEC faces pressure to order public corporations to disclose political spending to shareholders

–Apple plans to use $55 billion of its cash hoard to buy back stock

–man accused of sending ricin letters is released uncharged, to spend more time impersonating Elvis

–Canadian terror suspects deny charges of plotting to derail train

–House passes bill to exempt its staff members from the STOCK Act, which was supposed to ban insider trading

–Rev. Bob Edgar, a progressive minister, former Congressman, and president of Common Cause, has died, and will be missed!