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PBC News & Comment: Americans Love Surveillance!

New national poll shows 78% of Americans now approve of surveillance cameras, only 20% say government has gone too far….editorials note words, demand action from Obama on Gitmo

–3 arrests in Boston, friends of younger Tsarnaev;  tomorrow, we release interview with investigative journalist Dave Lindorff, who is probing the involvement of military contractor Craft International at the crime scene in Boston

–Obama nominates lobbyist for cable and wireless phone industries to chair the FCC, which regulates TV, radio, cable (not so much) and wireless–grease up that revolving door!

–Rep. Ed Markey, a real supporter of media reform by FCC, wins Massachusetts Dem primary, will likely replace Kerry in Senate

–new law allows BART cops to ban riders for first amendment activities

–new revelations of sloppy, dangerous conditions at San Onofre nuke plant in California

–inmates ordered transferred out of 2 California prisons due to Valley Fever by court-appointed receiver after 62 deaths in 7 years

–Oakland charter school fails due to financial mismanagement, possible fraud

–letter to editor defines hypocrisy in America today