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PBC News & Comment: Obama Renews Call to Close Gitmo!!

Returning from a conference, your humble host is astonished to be in agreement with Obama on Gitmo, Syria, and abortion rights…..At news conference, the President articulates all the reasons why Guantanamo should be closed.  He coolly counters hysterical GOP senators on intervention in Syria, and speaks at Planned Parenthood conference against state-level efforts to restrict access to abortion.

–controversy over effort to name Bradley Manning as honorary grand marshall of SF Pride parade

–NBA player Jason Collins reveals that he’s gay

–Congress fixes FAA budget problem to prevent airline delays, but other critical cuts will not be restored

–Israel responds to murder by knife with murder by missile

–report confirms CIA has paid Karzai millions in cash, but the question is, why now?

–PBC bullshot detector goes off as EPA sharply reduces estimates of methane released from natural gas wells

–California Assembly committee passes ban on fracking until studies are complete

–retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor regrets 2000 ruling that decided Bush-Gore election