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PBC News & Comment: US Troops Deployed to Mali

Despite Pentagon promise of “no boots on the ground”, 22 US troops have been dispatched to Mali without explanation or debate….in affront to science and women’s health, Obama appeals judge’s ruling that rejected age limit for Plan B contraceptive

–in excerpt from our in-depth interview, reporter Dave Lindorff recaps his efforts to get answers about the role of security contractor Craft International at Boston Marathon crime scene

–we note that inaccurate media and social media reports apparently caused Brown University student to kill himself

–over 120,000 have signed petition to release prisoners and close Guantanamo;  follow the links through Andy Worthington’s site to add yours

–Dr. Jeffrey Kaye reports that Army field manual has not been updated to reflect ban on torture

–four updates on fracking, including Steve Horn’s story on the mining of sand for fracking operations, Horn’s report on the cronies who are lobbying for the Keystone XL pipeline, and Truthout’s new series on fracking sites around the country.

–Obama nominates billionaire Penny Pritzker to Commerce Secretary, then leaves for Mexico

–May Day brought many protests worldwide