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PBC News & Comment: Exposing Criminal Corporate Behavior

To evade US taxes, Apple borrows $17 billion to pay for dividends and stock buybacks, as JPMorgan faces investigations.....Public Citizen says JPMorgan should fire Blythe Masters for perjury

--filmmaker Robert Greenwald, in excerpt from our interview, talks about the dangers of secret, expanding government agencies

--former FCC Commissioner Nicholas Johnson slams Obama's appointment of Tom Wheeler to chair FCC, in this excerpt from our in-depth interview

--Good News: Rhode Island enacts marriage equality, Maryland abolishes the death penalty

--AP report from Yemen on the latest drone strike, which turned more Yemenis against the US

--Bangladesh sweatshop collapse death toll exceeds 500

--North Korea sentences American to 15 years hard labor

--Slate's Eric Posner explains why Obama can close Gitmo anytime he wants

--Steve Horn exposes another KestoneXL lobbyist, former Obama communications director Anita Dunn