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PBC News & Comment: Military Sex Crime Crisis Gets Uglier

Top Air Force officer in charge of anti-sexual assault unit arrested for sexual battery near Pentagon--will Obama crack down?....latest statistics show increase in reported cases of rape and sexual assault, with most of estimated 19,000 cases each year unreported

--in this excerpt from our in-depth interview with Sibel Edmonds and Pepe Escobar, Edmonds says the Boston bombing has made Chechnya the new hot spot of terrorism

--Haaretz in Israel reports on a recent Young Turks interview with Lawrence Wilkerson, who wonders if the reported chemical weapons in Syria were planted by Israel

--Kevin Gosztola has two great stories at Firedoglake--one about the CIA's direct involvement in the script for Zero Dark 30 (surprised?) and the other about the secret hearings on secrecy at the Bradley Manning court-martial

--more secret spook stuff:  John Brennan replaces Secret Agent #1 (a woman who was involved with torture and detention) with Agent #2, an unnamed male

--NY Times blog by editorial page editor promotes repeal of the blank check from 2001, the AUMF, and Sen. Dick Durbin seems to agree

--op-ed by Yale law profs:  Obama has power to create a federal court at Guantanamo and send judges there to try cases

--Senate passes uniform internet sales tax bill

--California's rogue utility, P G & E, may escape paying any fines for its (criminal) negligence in gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno, as PUC proves again that it doesn't regulate the utilities