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PBC News & Comment: Military Sex Crime Crisis Gets Uglier

Top Air Force officer in charge of anti-sexual assault unit arrested for sexual battery near Pentagon–will Obama crack down?….latest statistics show increase in reported cases of rape and sexual assault, with most of estimated 19,000 cases each year unreported

–in this excerpt from our in-depth interview with Sibel Edmonds and Pepe Escobar, Edmonds says the Boston bombing has made Chechnya the new hot spot of terrorism

Haaretz in Israel reports on a recent Young Turks interview with Lawrence Wilkerson, who wonders if the reported chemical weapons in Syria were planted by Israel

–Kevin Gosztola has two great stories at Firedoglake–one about the CIA’s direct involvement in the script for Zero Dark 30 (surprised?) and the other about the secret hearings on secrecy at the Bradley Manning court-martial

–more secret spook stuff:  John Brennan replaces Secret Agent #1 (a woman who was involved with torture and detention) with Agent #2, an unnamed male

NY Times blog by editorial page editor promotes repeal of the blank check from 2001, the AUMF, and Sen. Dick Durbin seems to agree

–op-ed by Yale law profs:  Obama has power to create a federal court at Guantanamo and send judges there to try cases

–Senate passes uniform internet sales tax bill

–California’s rogue utility, P G & E, may escape paying any fines for its (criminal) negligence in gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno, as PUC proves again that it doesn’t regulate the utilities