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PBC News & Comment: On CNN, ex-FBI Agent Confirms: Every Call is Recorded

Glenn Greenwald notes CNN comment from former FBI agent, that all phone calls are recorded and  retrievable--feel safer?.....and FISA court approved 100% of warrants again last year.

--Uncle Ruslan wants to bury his "loser" nephew Tamerlan Tsarnaev, but can't find a cemetary that's willing

--Israel conducts 2 airstrikes in Syria, a very risky move

--UN investigator tells Reuters: sarin was used in Syria, by the rebels

--Sunday NY Times confirms that Roberts Supreme Court is the most pro-business court in decades

--Sen. Boxer promotes legislation for infrastructure projects with weaker, "fast-track" approvals that set bad precedent

--California legislature is trying to weaken CEQA, California Environmental Quality Act, as PBC points to the blast at the fertilizer plant in West, Texas as the price of reduced regulation

--68% of California voters approved fixes to 3 strikes law, but DA's are moving slowly--only 16% of eligible convicts have gotten reduced sentences

--NY activist seeks to hold former prosecutor accountable for wrongful convictions of "Central Park 5" after watching Ken Burns documentary, but Burns and a columnist call that "retribution"

--last year's Green Party presidential campaign, headed by Dr. Jill Stein, is enduring a detailed audit, solely because they accepted public financing (unlike Obama and Romney)