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PBC News & Comment: On CNN, ex-FBI Agent Confirms: Every Call is Recorded

Glenn Greenwald notes CNN comment from former FBI agent, that all phone calls are recorded and  retrievable–feel safer?…..and FISA court approved 100% of warrants again last year.

–Uncle Ruslan wants to bury his “loser” nephew Tamerlan Tsarnaev, but can’t find a cemetary that’s willing

–Israel conducts 2 airstrikes in Syria, a very risky move

–UN investigator tells Reuters: sarin was used in Syria, by the rebels

–Sunday NY Times confirms that Roberts Supreme Court is the most pro-business court in decades

–Sen. Boxer promotes legislation for infrastructure projects with weaker, “fast-track” approvals that set bad precedent

–California legislature is trying to weaken CEQA, California Environmental Quality Act, as PBC points to the blast at the fertilizer plant in West, Texas as the price of reduced regulation

–68% of California voters approved fixes to 3 strikes law, but DA’s are moving slowly–only 16% of eligible convicts have gotten reduced sentences

–NY activist seeks to hold former prosecutor accountable for wrongful convictions of “Central Park 5” after watching Ken Burns documentary, but Burns and a columnist call that “retribution”

–last year’s Green Party presidential campaign, headed by Dr. Jill Stein, is enduring a detailed audit, solely because they accepted public financing (unlike Obama and Romney)