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PBC News & Comment: Obama Expected to Back FBI Wiretap Expansion Plan

FBI boss Mueller, in 12th year of 10-year term, has plan to expand wiretapping in "overhaul" of surveillance laws....and NY Times reports Obama is "on the verge" of backing the plan.

--Anonymous calls for widespread hack attacks May 17-19, in solidarity with hunger striking prisoners at Guantanamo

--former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling cuts deal to shave 10 years off his prison sentence; your humble host, an Enron victim, says it's OK

--Judge again slams ObamaCo and FDA over trying to keep restrictions on Plan B contraceptive

--GOP flexes House oversight muscles on Benghazi, PBC says there are more important matters to investigate

--wacky former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford completes political rehab, wins back his ole House seat

--Delaware becomes 11th state to approve marriage equality

--in yesterday's report, the number of estimated sexual assaults in the military for the most recent year was understated--it increased from 19,000 to 26,000

--California Gov. Jerry Brown makes a bad call, rejects order from court-appoint health care manager to move 3,300 prisoners who are vulnerable to Valley Fever, which has killed 62 inmates since 2006

--meet the NRA's new top nut, Jim Porter