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PBC News & Comment: Obama Expected to Back FBI Wiretap Expansion Plan

FBI boss Mueller, in 12th year of 10-year term, has plan to expand wiretapping in “overhaul” of surveillance laws….and NY Times reports Obama is “on the verge” of backing the plan.

–Anonymous calls for widespread hack attacks May 17-19, in solidarity with hunger striking prisoners at Guantanamo

–former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling cuts deal to shave 10 years off his prison sentence; your humble host, an Enron victim, says it’s OK

–Judge again slams ObamaCo and FDA over trying to keep restrictions on Plan B contraceptive

–GOP flexes House oversight muscles on Benghazi, PBC says there are more important matters to investigate

–wacky former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford completes political rehab, wins back his ole House seat

–Delaware becomes 11th state to approve marriage equality

–in yesterday’s report, the number of estimated sexual assaults in the military for the most recent year was understated–it increased from 19,000 to 26,000

–California Gov. Jerry Brown makes a bad call, rejects order from court-appoint health care manager to move 3,300 prisoners who are vulnerable to Valley Fever, which has killed 62 inmates since 2006

–meet the NRA’s new top nut, Jim Porter