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PBC News & Comment: (Almost) Secret Hearing on Secret Drone, Killing Programs

House Progressive Dems hold important hearing on "secret" drone and killing programs, no coverage from corporate media or even C-SPAN....

Kevin Gosztola breaks the story, once again, at FireDogLake.

--and I forgot to mention his great report on the internal struggle of the organizers of San Francisco's gay pride parade over naming Bradley Manning as honorary grand marshall

--former State Dept. counsel Harold Koh, a Yale law professor, makes some strong statements regarding the drone and killing programs

--FBI says it doesn't need warrant to read emails if they are more than 6 months old, in split with its parent, the "Justice" Dept.

--White House aide Valerie Jarrett convenes meeting with members of Congress on military rape crisis

--no coverage here of the trial of Jodie Arias in Arizona or the women held captive in Cleveland--the tabloids have it covered

--older, dead Tsarnaev brother is buried in secret, ending tawdry tussle

--Cyber criminals crack the banksters for millions pulled from ATM's

--GOP Senator Vitter (R-Hookerville) blocks Obama's nominee to head EPA

--in Sacramento, oversight committee zeroes out budget of lame Public Utilities Commission--will it get the message?

--Peter van Buren, friend of the PBC Show, profiles TSA air marshall whistleblower Robert MacLean, who is expected to join us for an interview here soon