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PBC News & Comment: (Almost) Secret Hearing on Secret Drone, Killing Programs

House Progressive Dems hold important hearing on “secret” drone and killing programs, no coverage from corporate media or even C-SPAN….

Kevin Gosztola breaks the story, once again, at FireDogLake.

–and I forgot to mention his great report on the internal struggle of the organizers of San Francisco’s gay pride parade over naming Bradley Manning as honorary grand marshall

–former State Dept. counsel Harold Koh, a Yale law professor, makes some strong statements regarding the drone and killing programs

–FBI says it doesn’t need warrant to read emails if they are more than 6 months old, in split with its parent, the “Justice” Dept.

–White House aide Valerie Jarrett convenes meeting with members of Congress on military rape crisis

–no coverage here of the trial of Jodie Arias in Arizona or the women held captive in Cleveland–the tabloids have it covered

–older, dead Tsarnaev brother is buried in secret, ending tawdry tussle

–Cyber criminals crack the banksters for millions pulled from ATM’s

–GOP Senator Vitter (R-Hookerville) blocks Obama’s nominee to head EPA

–in Sacramento, oversight committee zeroes out budget of lame Public Utilities Commission–will it get the message?

–Peter van Buren, friend of the PBC Show, profiles TSA air marshall whistleblower Robert MacLean, who is expected to join us for an interview here soon