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PBC News & Comment: Was the Benghazi Coverup to Protect CIA?

Issa’s House committee and right wing media hammered Benghazi this week, as Washington Post validates PBC’s coverup theory about CIA….It’s now clear that Benghazi consulate was mostly CIA outpost, and the struggle over talking points delivered by Susan Rice shows that State Dept. took the blame.

–PBC respond to listener’s critical email on Benghazi

–Big story here Monday about Gitmo hunger strike

–excerpt from Col. Ann Wright’s comments on military sex crime scandal

–excerpt from Kevin Gozstola interview on Bradley Manning case

–IRS apologizes for extra scrutiny of Tea Party and other right wing groups who applied for nonprofit status:  good policy, or a political scandal?

–Judge refuses to accept lame arguments for appeal of Plan B contraceptive

–Boston Cardinal boycotts Boston College graduation because Ireland’s Prime Minister is speaking, and supports a new abortion law in Ireland–limited to cases where the mother’s life is endangered

–more shameful behavior over the burial of Tamerlan Tsarnaev

–carbon dioxide levels reached highest in 3 million years

–Oakland’s police chief has sudden medical issue, retires as new report hammers his failed leadership

–Rush Limbaugh and Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey trade barbs in the media about the cost of the boycott caused by Limbaugh in 2012