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Jason Leopold Breaks Another Big Story, Reveals Gitmo Force-Feeding Manual

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Investigative reporter Jason Leopold shares his latest scoop, disclosing the SOP manual for force feeding hunger striking prisoners at Guantanamo…Leopold, reporting for al-Jazeera America, shares his exclusive report on the Pentagon’s standard operating procedures (SOP) for the force feeding of prisoners at Guantanamo, who started a hunger strike on February 5 that now includes as many as 130 of the 166 prisoners.

We talk about Obama’s recent comments about Guantanamo and hunger strikers at a news conference; while it’s true that Congress his unwisely limited the options of the administration, it did provide a waiver process to release cleared prisoners, and the Obama team has not used it even once.

Leopold describes the treaty and ethical standards related to force feeding and the role of medical professionals in administering feeding, and the conflicts when doctors are under military command.  He details some of the gruesome process, and PBC shares his own experience with a feeding tube up the nose.

Leopold is returning to Guantanamo the week of May 13, and we will debrief him afterward.