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PBC News & Comment: Obama on Defensive About Benghazi, IRS

PBC thinks Obama is spinning in wrong direction on Benghazi and IRS scandal, complicated by new report of snooping on AP reporters….Jason Leopold breaks story on Gitmo force feeding manual.

–James Corbett has more info about retired CIA officer Graham Fuller and his ties to the uncle of accused Boston bomb brothers

–Monsanto wins GMO seed case at Supreme Court

–Hungary bans Monsanto GMO corn, rips crops from fields

–Nawaz Sharif wins Pakistan election

–2 late entries in Iran’s June 14 presidential race

–Sen. Boxer introduces bill to allow Israelis to enter US without a visa, but it’s not fully reciprocal

–Philadelphia’s bad abortion doctor is convicted, in major setback for abortion rights

–Oakland had 3 police chiefs in 3 days last week

–Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s PAC loses 2 boosters, including Elon Musk of Tesla Motors

–America’s Cup sailing race compared to polo, a rich man’s game that cost the life of a sailor on San Francisco Bay last week