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PBC News & Comment: As Scandals Emerge, Dems NOT Credible on “Accountability”

AG Eric Holder recused himself from AP snooping case, orders criminal investigation in IRS scandal,  Pelosi implies Bush deserved impeachment…PBC says Holder and Dems are not consistent or credible on investigations and accountability.  You’ll hear soundbite from Pelosi’s interview with Chris Hayes, who did not hold Pelosi accountable on impeachment.

–prosecution of Pakistani brothers for alleged NY terror plot may provide basis to challenge illegal wiretapping

–we’re glad to report that Peter B. Collins podcasts are now available daily on TuneIn, a service that feeds wireless internet radios and other devices.  On your first visit, you need to do a search under my name

–UK’s Guardian picks up Jason Leopold’s report from 5/13/13 about the SOP manual for force feeding 100+ hunger striking inmates, and adds that prisoners report new, invasive strip searches deter them from contact with lawyers

–Russia busts an American said to be a CIA spy recruiter, and expels him

–Robert Parry, one of the real authorities about US support for Latin America’s brutal dictators of the 1980’s, says that Ronald Reagan bears more guilt for mass killings in Guatamala than Efrain Rios Montt, who was convicted last week, read about it here

–actress/director Angelina Jolie goes public: she had pre-emptive double mastectomy to reduce her suspected risk of breast cancer

–Minnesota becomes 12th state to approve marriage equality

–former Navy admiral and congressman Joe Sestak announces exploratory campaign to challenge conserva-Dem Bob Casey

–reconstruction of Bay Bridge from Oakland to San Francisco, a $6.5 billion project, has hundreds of faulty bolts, may not open as planned around Labor Day this year