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PBC News & Comment: ObamaCo Doubletalk on AP Spying, IRS Scandal and Benghazi

White House resurrects proposed reporter shield bill in attempt to distract from illegal AP spying and widespread surveillance; GOP pounces...on IRS and Benghazi, not so much on illegal spying.

--Glenn Greenwald and Charlie Savage both note that we don't know what legal scheme or mechanism was used to grab AP's phone records

--as AG Holder ducks the AP issue and orders criminal investigation of IRS, the tax agency's bureaucrats dive under desks

--Frank Rich says that, despite inflated GOP claims, Benghazi is more like Whitewater than Watergate

--in this excerpt from our in-depth interview, Prof. Bob McChesney calls Obama's nomination of Tom Wheeler as FCC chair "sobering"

--Israel is ready to attack Syria again, warns Assad not to retaliate

--Steve Horn at DeSmogBlog reports that Exxon-Mobil is treating Faulkner County, Arkansas as a "sacrifice zone"

--lawyers for Gitmo prisoner who pleaded guilty want Pentagon assurances that he will be released this December, as agreed

--California's rogue utility, P G & E, gets sweet deal from patsy Public Utilities Commission, so that $900 million of $2.25 billion "penalty" would be tax deductible

--Dems in Sacramento have internal pay-to-play system, delivering juice committe posts to lawmakers who raised the most cash