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PBC News & Comment: ObamaCo Doubletalk on AP Spying, IRS Scandal and Benghazi

White House resurrects proposed reporter shield bill in attempt to distract from illegal AP spying and widespread surveillance; GOP pounces…on IRS and Benghazi, not so much on illegal spying.

–Glenn Greenwald and Charlie Savage both note that we don’t know what legal scheme or mechanism was used to grab AP’s phone records

–as AG Holder ducks the AP issue and orders criminal investigation of IRS, the tax agency’s bureaucrats dive under desks

–Frank Rich says that, despite inflated GOP claims, Benghazi is more like Whitewater than Watergate

–in this excerpt from our in-depth interview, Prof. Bob McChesney calls Obama’s nomination of Tom Wheeler as FCC chair “sobering”

–Israel is ready to attack Syria again, warns Assad not to retaliate

–Steve Horn at DeSmogBlog reports that Exxon-Mobil is treating Faulkner County, Arkansas as a “sacrifice zone”

–lawyers for Gitmo prisoner who pleaded guilty want Pentagon assurances that he will be released this December, as agreed

–California’s rogue utility, P G & E, gets sweet deal from patsy Public Utilities Commission, so that $900 million of $2.25 billion “penalty” would be tax deductible

–Dems in Sacramento have internal pay-to-play system, delivering juice committe posts to lawmakers who raised the most cash