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PBC News & Comment: Finally, Some Beltway Outrage at ObamaCo Domestic Spying

PBC welcomes corporate media to the battle for Bill of Rights protections from government snooping--reporters aren't the only victims.....Gleen Greenwald notes "sea change" in mainstream media on civil liberties, driven by self-interest

--IRS scandal leads to second resignation, as acting Commissioner Miller was forced out yesterday and another guy "retired" today

--Obama holds brief press conference, offers "complete confidence" in AG Holder

--blogger Pam Martens quotes Obama remarks from 2010, where he attacks Koch brothers and phony nonprofit political groups

--Brad Friedman at Bradblog read the whole IRS inspector general report, can't find theĀ  "misconduct" Obama is outraged over

--FBI agents want Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) to be next FBI director, a bad idea in too many ways

--Palestinians march to observe 65 years since the nakba

--US diplomat may be 2nd to be expelled from Moscow this year

--KBR is suing to extend its Iraq contract by 13 years and $500 million, on top of $38 billion since 2003

--Senate confirms Ernest Moniz as Energy Secretary

--EFF alerts us that secret talks for Trans Pacific Partnership are now being held in Lima, Peru

--California's twin nuke reactors at San Onofre will remain shut down for the forseeable future

--Keene, New Hampshire cops crack down on Robin Hoods, who feed coins to meters for strangers