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PBC News & Comment: Finally, Some Beltway Outrage at ObamaCo Domestic Spying

PBC welcomes corporate media to the battle for Bill of Rights protections from government snooping–reporters aren’t the only victims…..Gleen Greenwald notes “sea change” in mainstream media on civil liberties, driven by self-interest

–IRS scandal leads to second resignation, as acting Commissioner Miller was forced out yesterday and another guy “retired” today

–Obama holds brief press conference, offers “complete confidence” in AG Holder

–blogger Pam Martens quotes Obama remarks from 2010, where he attacks Koch brothers and phony nonprofit political groups

–Brad Friedman at Bradblog read the whole IRS inspector general report, can’t find theĀ  “misconduct” Obama is outraged over

–FBI agents want Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) to be next FBI director, a bad idea in too many ways

–Palestinians march to observe 65 years since the nakba

–US diplomat may be 2nd to be expelled from Moscow this year

–KBR is suing to extend its Iraq contract by 13 years and $500 million, on top of $38 billion since 2003

–Senate confirms Ernest Moniz as Energy Secretary

–EFF alerts us that secret talks for Trans Pacific Partnership are now being held in Lima, Peru

–California’s twin nuke reactors at San Onofre will remain shut down for the forseeable future

–Keene, New Hampshire cops crack down on Robin Hoods, who feed coins to meters for strangers