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PBC News & Comment: Perpetual War, No End In Sight

Pentagon says war against al Qaeda likely for "10 to 20 years" as Senate considers limits on AUMF, the 9/11 blank check....London Times spikes Sibel Edmonds story, bowing to US pressure.

--read the full report, including Edmonds' revelations, here

--Obama, amid scandal damage control, finally orders military leaders to crack down on sex crimes epidemic

--first House hearing on IRS scandal reveals that Treasury officials knew about investigation into political nonprofit applicants last June

--White House aide dispatched to IRS as acting Commissioner

--"Justice" Dept. admits weak controls on "no fly" list for 700 people in Witness Protection program, but the real problems are with the list itself

--GOP Senators refuse to vote for Obama nominess for EPA, Labor, enabled by Harry Reid's failure to modify filibuster

--former Rep. Anthony Weiner, the crotch tweeter, is gearing up to run for NY Mayor, and questions arise about his wife Huma's special treatment by State Dept. and Hillary Clinton

--CA veterans housing fund has over $1 billion to loan to vets, but spends more on overhead than loans

--NY Times affirms Robert Parry's commentary on Reagan's role in Latin American death squads

--silly shit:  GOP tweaks Obama for asking Marine guards to hold umbrellas during news conference

--Interior Dept. issues new rules, mostly pro-industry, for fracking on public lands

--Roy Zimmerman closes with his song about fracking, The Faucet's on Fire