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PBC News & Comment: Apple Under Fire on Taxes, Tribute to Ray Manzarek

Special musical tribute to The Doors' Ray Manzarek;   CEO Tim Cook spins Apple's tax evasion at Senate hearing, Siri answer my question, "Does Apple use tax gimmicks?"

--despite whale-sized investment losses, shareholders retain Jamie Dimon as CEO and Chairman of JPMorgan Chase

--IRS official Lois Lerner says she will "take the 5th", always a bad sign in a scandal

--Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) challenges House Speaker Boehner over bill to authorize Keystone XL pipeline--he argues that House is overstepping

--Steve Horn reports that the proposed fracking rules released by Interior Dept. for public lands were written by ALEC and Exxon-Mobil

--Tennessee congressman Steve Cohen challenges AG Holder over the case of Gov. Don Siegelman, see video here and read Roger Shuler's account here

--a dozen nuns and priests calling themselves "Catholic Whistleblowers" are challenging bishops and the pope to really deal with sex abuse scandal

--here in the Bay Area, a corrupt cop who stole drugs, robbed hookers, and set up "dirty DUI" traps, draws 14-year prison sentence

--Guatemala's top court has annulled the genocide conviction of Efrain Rios Montt

Ray Manzarek, a talented musician who was keyboard player for The Doors, died yesterday at age 74 of cancer.  We close the show with samples of his solo music, obscure Doors songs, well-known Doors songs, and The End.