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PBC News & Comment: Obama Forgot to Tell Us About 4th American Killed by Drones

In advance of Obama's national security speech, Holder admits that 4 Americans have been killed by drones in Pakistan, Yemen....special offer for Doors fans, opening music "It Slipped My Mind".

--Obama will try to add some "transparency" to drones, targeted killings, Guantanamo--but will it be "limited hang out" a la Nixon?

--court refuses to order CIA to release photos of dead bin Laden, maintaining the zero proof standard of the account of his death

--Code Pink launches new campaign to end America's "dirty wars"

--in federal court filings, reveals FBI monitoring that scared off funders and compromised First Amendment rights

--IRS official Lois Lerner takes the Fifth, as GOP goes into full batshit crazy mode

--corporate media commentary defends Apple as victim of bad tax system, instead of the #1 tax evader

--Chechen killed in Orlando during FBI interrogation at his condo,man was linked to Boston bomb suspects

--Senate committee passes flawed immigration reform package with 3 GOP votes; I forgot to mention that it ignores any rights for same sex couples

--Bad cops in California:  investigations needed into death of a suspect in Kern County and an incident in Cotati (Sonoma County) where cops busted into an apartment and tasered the occupants, as captured in this video

--Eric Garcetti elected LA Mayor with 25% turnout; Anthony Weiner announces run for NY Mayor

--Senate Leader Harry Reid threatens partial change to filibuster rule

--Marin County man arrested for drunk driving 3 times in 5 days!