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PBC News & Comment: Obama Forgot to Tell Us About 4th American Killed by Drones

In advance of Obama’s national security speech, Holder admits that 4 Americans have been killed by drones in Pakistan, Yemen….special offer for Doors fans, opening music “It Slipped My Mind”.

–Obama will try to add some “transparency” to drones, targeted killings, Guantanamo–but will it be “limited hang out” a la Nixon?

–court refuses to order CIA to release photos of dead bin Laden, maintaining the zero proof standard of the account of his death

–Code Pink launches new campaign to end America’s “dirty wars”

–in federal court filings, reveals FBI monitoring that scared off funders and compromised First Amendment rights

–IRS official Lois Lerner takes the Fifth, as GOP goes into full batshit crazy mode

–corporate media commentary defends Apple as victim of bad tax system, instead of the #1 tax evader

–Chechen killed in Orlando during FBI interrogation at his condo,man was linked to Boston bomb suspects

–Senate committee passes flawed immigration reform package with 3 GOP votes; I forgot to mention that it ignores any rights for same sex couples

–Bad cops in California:  investigations needed into death of a suspect in Kern County and an incident in Cotati (Sonoma County) where cops busted into an apartment and tasered the occupants, as captured in this video

–Eric Garcetti elected LA Mayor with 25% turnout; Anthony Weiner announces run for NY Mayor

–Senate Leader Harry Reid threatens partial change to filibuster rule

–Marin County man arrested for drunk driving 3 times in 5 days!