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PBC News & Comment: In Obama’s Big Speech, Any Change We Can Believe In?

Obama's speech today offers some hope for change regarding drones, targeted killing and closing Guantanamo--can we believe in it?    Jeremy Scahill responds to disclosure of 4th American killed by drones

--ABC Radio News and Rachel Maddow each offered erroneous info on the drone strike that killed 16-year-old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki

--some details emerge about victim #4, Jude Mohammed

--NY Times editorial correctly notes that CIA was the dominant player at Benghazi and in the damage control, not the State Dept.

--in reporting brutal London murder of a soldier by hacking with butcher knives, Fox "News" immediately labeled it an Islamic terrorist attack, and allowed Michele Malkin to spew hate at all Muslims

--more sex crimes in US military, as West Point accuses a seargent of placing hidden cameras in women's showers and bathrooms

--in troubling move, Connecticutt legislature quietly passes law to block release of public information on December shooting at Sandy Hook school in Newtown, blaming right-wing "truthers" for asking too many questions

--Portland voters reject measure to fluoridate the water by hefty margin

--Gawker published copies of Apple's Irish incorporation papers, from August, 1980; you can gawk at them here