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PBC News & Comment: In Obama’s Big Speech, Any Change We Can Believe In?

Obama’s speech today offers some hope for change regarding drones, targeted killing and closing Guantanamo–can we believe in it?    Jeremy Scahill responds to disclosure of 4th American killed by drones

–ABC Radio News and Rachel Maddow each offered erroneous info on the drone strike that killed 16-year-old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki

–some details emerge about victim #4, Jude Mohammed

NY Times editorial correctly notes that CIA was the dominant player at Benghazi and in the damage control, not the State Dept.

–in reporting brutal London murder of a soldier by hacking with butcher knives, Fox “News” immediately labeled it an Islamic terrorist attack, and allowed Michele Malkin to spew hate at all Muslims

–more sex crimes in US military, as West Point accuses a seargent of placing hidden cameras in women’s showers and bathrooms

–in troubling move, Connecticutt legislature quietly passes law to block release of public information on December shooting at Sandy Hook school in Newtown, blaming right-wing “truthers” for asking too many questions

–Portland voters reject measure to fluoridate the water by hefty margin

–Gawker published copies of Apple’s Irish incorporation papers, from August, 1980; you can gawk at them here