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Boiling Frogs: Reporter Joe Lauria on the Spiked Series in “London Times”, Boston Bombing Investigation, Syria and More

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Reporter Joe Lauria joins Sibel Edmonds for this Boiling Frogs podcast, and adds to revelations that Times of London spiked articles based on Edmonds’ information, which it independently verified.

Investigative journalist Joe Lauria joins us to discuss his experiences during Sunday Times’ investigative series on US officials involved in espionage and international terrorism. Our discussion includes the numerous unanswered questions in the Boston bombing, the latest developments in Syria and their implications, and more!

Joe Lauria is an author, foreign affairs correspondent and investigative reporter. He has covered the United Nations for 19 years for numerous newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, the London Daily Telegraph, the Montreal Gazette and the Johannesburg Star. Joe is a member of the Sunday Times of London’s investigative unit. He is co-author of A Political Odyssey, a look at America’s defense industry and the false threats it thrives on.