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PBC News & Comment: As Millions Worldwide Protest GMO’s, Our Senate Bows to Monsanto

On May 25, millions marched against Frankenfoods in 52 countries; US Senate killed weak measure to permit GMO labelling, by 71-27 vote…and we learn that Blackwater offshoot spied for Monsanto on GMO activists.

–Dept. of “Justice” says it notified Fox “News” parent NewsCorp that it was monitoring Fox DC correspondent James Rosen

NYTimes finally makes the case that IRS should have investigated political groups applying for nonprofit status

–Eyal Press defends whistleblowers in NYT op-ed

–Liberty Reserve indicted for $6 billion in money laundering, may be linked to crime group that raided ATM’s for millions

–British universities publish detailed map of 11,000 US rendition flights, showing many probable violations of air space rights

–Canadian court says 2011 election for Prime Minister was fraudulent

–Rep. Adam Schiff, D-CA, is writing a new bill to repeal the AUMF, blank check from September, 2001

–former GOP senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole says his party should be shut down for repairs

–senators fall all over billionaire Penny Pritzker in Commerce confirmation hearing, even though she forgot to report $80 million in income in 2012

–Sen. Feinstein and other Dems cave on rights for gay couples in new immigration package, hoping the Supreme Court will force Congress to fix it later