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PBC News & Comment: As Millions Worldwide Protest GMO’s, Our Senate Bows to Monsanto

On May 25, millions marched against Frankenfoods in 52 countries; US Senate killed weak measure to permit GMO labelling, by 71-27 vote...and we learn that Blackwater offshoot spied for Monsanto on GMO activists.

--Dept. of "Justice" says it notified Fox "News" parent NewsCorp that it was monitoring Fox DC correspondent James Rosen

--NYTimes finally makes the case that IRS should have investigated political groups applying for nonprofit status

--Eyal Press defends whistleblowers in NYT op-ed

--Liberty Reserve indicted for $6 billion in money laundering, may be linked to crime group that raided ATM's for millions

--British universities publish detailed map of 11,000 US rendition flights, showing many probable violations of air space rights

--Canadian court says 2011 election for Prime Minister was fraudulent

--Rep. Adam Schiff, D-CA, is writing a new bill to repeal the AUMF, blank check from September, 2001

--former GOP senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole says his party should be shut down for repairs

--senators fall all over billionaire Penny Pritzker in Commerce confirmation hearing, even though she forgot to report $80 million in income in 2012

--Sen. Feinstein and other Dems cave on rights for gay couples in new immigration package, hoping the Supreme Court will force Congress to fix it later