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PBC News & Comment: Obama Promotes Rice, Flips Bird to GOP

After passing her over for Secretary of State, Obama names Susan Rice National Security Advisor, tweaking Banghazi-obsessed Republicans...."Humanitarian Hawk" Samantha Power named UN ambassador.

--NBC News gets classified reports on drone strikes, shows many targets were unknown or unclear, contradicting White House claims

--former CIA Director Panetta is accused of giving classified info to producers of Zero Dark 30

--IRS scandal widens to wasteful spending, 2 key managers suspended

--tax law professor calculates Apple's true tax rate at 8.2%, not the 30% claimed by CEO Tim Cook--that's the real IRS scandal

--TSA caves to critics, cancels relaxation of rules for airport security theater

--in the dead of night, Connecticutt legislature rams through blackout on Sandy Hook massacre and all other homicides in the state.  If you've got any questions, keep them to yourself.