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PBC News & Comment: Obama Promotes Rice, Flips Bird to GOP

After passing her over for Secretary of State, Obama names Susan Rice National Security Advisor, tweaking Banghazi-obsessed Republicans….“Humanitarian Hawk” Samantha Power named UN ambassador.

–NBC News gets classified reports on drone strikes, shows many targets were unknown or unclear, contradicting White House claims

–former CIA Director Panetta is accused of giving classified info to producers of Zero Dark 30

–IRS scandal widens to wasteful spending, 2 key managers suspended

–tax law professor calculates Apple’s true tax rate at 8.2%, not the 30% claimed by CEO Tim Cook–that’s the real IRS scandal

–TSA caves to critics, cancels relaxation of rules for airport security theater

–in the dead of night, Connecticutt legislature rams through blackout on Sandy Hook massacre and all other homicides in the state.  If you’ve got any questions, keep them to yourself.