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PBC News & Comment: GOP is Right, for Mostly Wrong Reasons: Holder Must Go

Pressure builds for AG Holder to step down, and PBC reluctantly agrees with House GOP leaders, it’s time to resign…Christian Science Monitor says some in White House want Holder out.

–Day 2 of Manning court martial is well covered by Kevin Gozstola at FireDogLake;¬† he will join us to recap the first week this Friday

–Steve Horn has important new stories on a new pro-fracking movie and defects in the southern leg of Keystone XL pipeline

–Chris Hedges hammers the new anti-Wikileaks film by the formerly respectable Alex Gibney

–military chiefs balk at independent prosecutors for military sex crimes

–accused Ft. Hood shooter, Army psychiatrist Major Hasan, fires¬† attorneys and advances kooky defense strategy

–judge accepts insanity plea from James Holmes, accused of the shooting spree in Colorado at the Batman premier

–study finds 33,000 mentally ill in California prisons, and they are too often brutally disciplined by guards

–NJ Gov. Christie sets October date for special Senate election, protection his hoped-for landslide re-election in November

–this letter from a professor in Turkey details the widespread protests

–and here is an informative letter from John Kiriakou, the former CIA agent who is serving federal prison time