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PBC News & Comment: Big Victory! San Onofre Nuclear Plant To Shut Down Permanently

Troubled twin reactors in Southern California to be shut down; Obama hunkers down on surveillance as Greenwald reveals secret cyberwar memo….Harvey Wasserman and no-nukes activists deserve much credit.

–California PUC staff lawyers rebel, refuse to sign off on ‘penalty” plan for P G & E over gas pipeline safety and San Bruno explosion

–Glenn Greenwald at The Guardian and Washington Post disclose secret Obama document that gives president sole authority over cyberwar

–late yesterday, Greenwald disclosed NSA powerpoint that shows complete surveillance of major internet sites

–Sibel Edmonds sums up the “4-Branch Police State” and points the finger at us, too in this commentary

–Obama says nobody is listening to our phone calls, your humble host doesn’t believe him

–new poll shows Americans support drone strikes, but not cyberwarfare

–in excerpt from upcoming Boiling Frogs podcast, Pepe Escobar recaps recent events in Syria, advantage Assad

–North Korea and South Korea agree to talks, as soon as next week