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PBC News & Comment: Big Victory! San Onofre Nuclear Plant To Shut Down Permanently

Troubled twin reactors in Southern California to be shut down; Obama hunkers down on surveillance as Greenwald reveals secret cyberwar memo....Harvey Wasserman and no-nukes activists deserve much credit.

--California PUC staff lawyers rebel, refuse to sign off on 'penalty" plan for P G & E over gas pipeline safety and San Bruno explosion

--Glenn Greenwald at The Guardian and Washington Post disclose secret Obama document that gives president sole authority over cyberwar

--late yesterday, Greenwald disclosed NSA powerpoint that shows complete surveillance of major internet sites

--Sibel Edmonds sums up the "4-Branch Police State" and points the finger at us, too in this commentary

--Obama says nobody is listening to our phone calls, your humble host doesn't believe him

--new poll shows Americans support drone strikes, but not cyberwarfare

--in excerpt from upcoming Boiling Frogs podcast, Pepe Escobar recaps recent events in Syria, advantage Assad

--North Korea and South Korea agree to talks, as soon as next week