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PBC News & Comment: Snowden, Still in Hong Kong, Alleges US Hacking of China

Ed Snowden alleges massive US hacking of China, underscoring cyberwarfare memo he exposed last week; US media focus on manhunt...Snowden remains in Hong Kong, reveals NSA's worldwide hacking.

--in Senate testimony, NSA and Cyberwarfare czar Keith Alexander claims "dozens" of terrorist plots busted up, but only cites the Zazi case

--AP reports that Zazi case is being re-written to support surveillance advocates, PRISM not needed to intercept his emails

--DiFi likes to spy: Sen. Feinstein defends surveillance, spins as "lawful" programs that are clearly unconstitutional

--Boston terrorism theater: Operation Urban Shield involves mock terrorist group that uses backpack bombs, like a replay of April 15

--Manning court-martial continues, as witnesses offer conflicting testimony on the actual dates of leaks to WikiLeaks

--Russia passes extreme anti-gay law

--new pope acknowledges "gay lobby" in the Vatican, where they have some very large closets

--Prime Minister Erdogan orders immediate end to protests in Turkey, we'll see if demonstrators stop

--White House drags out approval of proposals that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions