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PBC News & Comment: War On Women Rages!

Big setback: Senate committee protects old boys, rejects Gillibrand amendment to assign military sexual assault cases to outside prosecutors……..Wisconsin’s angry Senate leader rams through abortion-ultrasound bill.

–our czar of all secrets, Keith Alexander, gives secret briefing while promising transparency

–James Bamford profiles NSA’s Alexander, the most powerful man in the world

–FBI Director Mueller says illegal spy programs could’ve prevented 9/11; but NSA whistleblowers say they could’ve stopped it with legal programs

–two new polls show slight majority of Americans oppose phone record datamining and PRISM, but views are wobbly and partisan

–protests continue in Turkey despite ultimata

–protests in Greece over shutdown of state broadcasting system

–Bill Clinton says US should arm Syrian rebels, and just as this podcast was recorded, we learn that Obama White House has shifted–more tomorrow

–Stewart Brand and other “liberals” support nuclear power to combat warming