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PBC News & Comment: War On Women Rages!

Big setback: Senate committee protects old boys, rejects Gillibrand amendment to assign military sexual assault cases to outside prosecutors........Wisconsin's angry Senate leader rams through abortion-ultrasound bill.

--our czar of all secrets, Keith Alexander, gives secret briefing while promising transparency

--James Bamford profiles NSA's Alexander, the most powerful man in the world

--FBI Director Mueller says illegal spy programs could've prevented 9/11; but NSA whistleblowers say they could've stopped it with legal programs

--two new polls show slight majority of Americans oppose phone record datamining and PRISM, but views are wobbly and partisan

--protests continue in Turkey despite ultimata

--protests in Greece over shutdown of state broadcasting system

--Bill Clinton says US should arm Syrian rebels, and just as this podcast was recorded, we learn that Obama White House has shifted--more tomorrow

--Stewart Brand and other "liberals" support nuclear power to combat warming