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PBC News & Comment: Obama in G20 Hotseat Over Syria, Surveillance

As G20 nations meet in Britain, The Guardian reveals massive surveillance of previous international summits, with fascinating details…Obama will also face opposition for expanding support of Syrian opposition.

–Ed Snowden responds to critics, says he has not shared secrets with China

–Obama’s claim “nobody’s listening to your phone calls” is contradicted by Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) following classified briefing

–in this excerpt from our Boiling Frogs interview, Cryptome founder John Young tells how NSA can conduct cyber attacks and blame them on others

–Gail Collins in NY Times profiles one victim of an erroneous, heavy-handed terrorism investigation, Brandon Mayfield of Portland, OR

–Obama left it to underlings to announce new Syria policy, sending mixed signals to all sides

–Turkish prime minister rallies his supporters in Istanbul, as he orders brutal crackdown of protests just a few miles away

–Iran elects new “moderate” leader

–Supreme Court knocks down Arizona law that required proof of citizenship for voter registration

–War on Women heats up, as GOP-run House will pass a restrictive abortion law tomorrow; the House also passed a bill to require minimum sentences for sex crimes in military