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PBC News & Comment: US Gets More Involved in Syria’s War, the Dirtiest War on the Planet

Details fuzzy, White House capitulates to McCain and Bill Clinton,  will arm Syrian rebels--bad idea with no exit strategy....And if Assad falls, what's next?  Also, NY Times reports Yahoo fought NSA, lost.

--CBS News confirms that reporter Sheryl Atkisson's computer was hacked

--in excerpt from new Boiling Frogs interviews, Cryptome founder John Young comments on the carefully crafted denials from Facebook, Google, etal

--Sean Hannity is (again) a hypocrite.  Here's a raft of sound bites supporting surveillance under Bush, now he's a Bill of Rights defender

--Kevin Gozstola of FireDogLake returns with a recap of the Manning court martial proceedings this week

--Steve Horn reports that FBI/DHS is feeding info on Keystone XL protesters to TransCanada, just like Beau Hodai reported to us about Occupy

--Gitmo military doctors who force feed prisoners commit "aggravated assault"

--brief updates on Iran elections, Turkey protests, Greek general strike

--Sibel Edmonds offers dose of realism to promoters of petitions urging pardon for leaker Ed Snowden

--California Innocence Project leaders in final leg of 700-mile march to Sacramento