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PBC News & Comment: US Gets More Involved in Syria’s War, the Dirtiest War on the Planet

Details fuzzy, White House capitulates to McCain and Bill Clinton,  will arm Syrian rebels–bad idea with no exit strategy….And if Assad falls, what’s next?  Also, NY Times reports Yahoo fought NSA, lost.

–CBS News confirms that reporter Sheryl Atkisson’s computer was hacked

–in excerpt from new Boiling Frogs interviews, Cryptome founder John Young comments on the carefully crafted denials from Facebook, Google, etal

–Sean Hannity is (again) a hypocrite.  Here’s a raft of sound bites supporting surveillance under Bush, now he’s a Bill of Rights defender

–Kevin Gozstola of FireDogLake returns with a recap of the Manning court martial proceedings this week

–Steve Horn reports that FBI/DHS is feeding info on Keystone XL protesters to TransCanada, just like Beau Hodai reported to us about Occupy

–Gitmo military doctors who force feed prisoners commit “aggravated assault”

–brief updates on Iran elections, Turkey protests, Greek general strike

–Sibel Edmonds offers dose of realism to promoters of petitions urging pardon for leaker Ed Snowden

–California Innocence Project leaders in final leg of 700-mile march to Sacramento