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PBC News & Comment: Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA, Prop 8!

Major advance for marriage equality, as Supreme Court rules broadly against Defense of Marriage Act, narrowly against Prop. 8……Usual split on DOMA, unusual voting blocs on Prop. 8

Roy Zimmerman’s Defenders of Marriage opens our podcast, as the “connubial narcs” lose the fight over traditional marriage.  We praise former SF Mayor Gavin Newsom for his courage and vision in starting the process, and note that we now need to look at protecting unmarried couples from discrimination.

–our southern correspondent, Roger Shuler, weighs in on the Court’s death blow to the Voting Rights Act from the place where the suit originated, Shelby County Alabama

–you’ll hear an excerpt from our special interview with Frank Lindh, about the false charges made against his son, John, who was dubbed “the American Taliban”

–Texas state senator Wendy Davis leads dramatic filibuster that blocks, for now, radical anti-abortion legislation

–Steve Horn, a regular contributor here on fracking and related topics, co-wrote this important story about the “NATO 3”

–Ed Snowden is stuck in Moscow with the Quito blues–Greenwald says he has distributed his purloined data as insurance, and reports a break-in at his home in Rio de Janero and the theft of a laptop

–Pepe Escobar recounts Snowden’s departure from Hong Kong

–Rep. Ed Markey, longtime supporter of media reform, wins Senate seat in Massachusetts

–in Pakistan, Musharref is accused in the killing of former rival, Benazir Bhutto

–quick update on Bradley Manning court martial–expect a recap with Kevin Gozstola on Friday

–license plate scanners lead to huge collection of data on innocent Americans and their daily lives