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PBC News & Comment: CIA’s Anti-Leak Memo is Leaked

The Summer of Leaks continues,  CIA memo about leaks is leaked,  Greenwald backgrounds NSA phone record and email dragnets…Snowden and Greenwald face sliming from corporate media

–Greenwald’s latest report exposes history of NSA collection of email and phone records

–San Francisco celebrates Supreme Court decisions on marriage equality

–Senate passes costly, misguided immigration bill with 67 votes

–Senate Armed Services Committee drafts bill to ease restrictions on release of Guantanamo prisoners

–federal judge tosses lawsuit against CACI for Abu Grhaib torture

–Boston’s archbishop bans Austrian priest from speaking in Catholic churches, because he supports ordination of women and married men

–Rick Perry takes cheap shot at Wendy Davis, calls another special session to ram through abortion rollback bills

–for our Australian listeners:  why did PM Gillard lose to Rudd?

–Tsarnaev indicted for April 15 Boston bombings, questions linger