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PBC News & Comment: CIA’s Anti-Leak Memo is Leaked

The Summer of Leaks continues,  CIA memo about leaks is leaked,  Greenwald backgrounds NSA phone record and email dragnets...Snowden and Greenwald face sliming from corporate media

--Greenwald's latest report exposes history of NSA collection of email and phone records

--San Francisco celebrates Supreme Court decisions on marriage equality

--Senate passes costly, misguided immigration bill with 67 votes

--Senate Armed Services Committee drafts bill to ease restrictions on release of Guantanamo prisoners

--federal judge tosses lawsuit against CACI for Abu Grhaib torture

--Boston's archbishop bans Austrian priest from speaking in Catholic churches, because he supports ordination of women and married men

--Rick Perry takes cheap shot at Wendy Davis, calls another special session to ram through abortion rollback bills

--for our Australian listeners:  why did PM Gillard lose to Rudd?

--Tsarnaev indicted for April 15 Boston bombings, questions linger