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PBC News & Comment: Extreme Weather Confronts Climate Science Deniers

Obama's climate speech last week undercut by weak political strategy, support for fracking, and probable approval of Keystone XL pipeline....Egyptian Generals give Morsi 48-hour ultimatum.

--radical Republicans in Texas start new special session to ram abortion rights rollbacks through the Legislature

--in Ohio, GOP snuck language into budget bill to require ultrasounds, report of fetal heartbeat, limit of 22 weeks. As pattern emerges of coordinated GOP efforts, PBC asks, "where are the Democrats?"

--final Obamacare rules for contraceptives are released, Catholic bishops continue their disingenuous fight

--NY Cardinal Timothy Dolan dismisses report that confirms the documentary Mea Maxima Culpa's assertion that Dolan, as archbishop of Milwaukee, hid $130 from bankruptcy court and victims seeking compensation for sex crimes

--Vatican Bank was used to launder $26 million

--Pentagon issues report on death of Adnan Latif last September, you can read Dr. Jeff Kaye's analysis here

--Snowden still stuck at Moscow airport, Putin dangles asylum if he agrees to stop leaking

--German, French leaders join chorus of opposition to US spying on their governments

--Shepherd Fairy approves of satirical re-workings of his Obama art