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PBC News & Comment: Ohio Returns to the Dark Ages

Rolling back abortion rights to almost nil, Ohio Republicans ram through budget bill with pro-life wish list of amendments....Gov. Kasich uses veto power to protect spider monkeys, but not women.

--Snowden still stuck at Moscow airport, trades jabs with Obama as his asylum options decline

--top spook James Clapper walks back his perjury, most members of Congress seem ready to accept that

--5 recent revelations from Snowden, including that FBI/NSA may have real time surveillance of targets' email

--in Egypt, President Morsi presides over sinking ship, clock runs on ultimatum from military leaders

--new report from US military analyst says drones kill 10 times as many innocent people than traditional air strikes

--NY Times runs gushing profile of Sen. Feinstein, PBC tries to correct many mischaracterizations of DiFi

--Tea Party Republicans start food fight, pressure Mitch McConnell to retire

--FBI says it is reducing its Mafia this a ploy to get more money from Congress?

--deaths from prescription pain killers continue to rise

--San Diego judge rules that yoga in school is OK, not a religious expression