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PBC News & Comment: Ohio Returns to the Dark Ages

Rolling back abortion rights to almost nil, Ohio Republicans ram through budget bill with pro-life wish list of amendments….Gov. Kasich uses veto power to protect spider monkeys, but not women.

–Snowden still stuck at Moscow airport, trades jabs with Obama as his asylum options decline

–top spook James Clapper walks back his perjury, most members of Congress seem ready to accept that

–5 recent revelations from Snowden, including that FBI/NSA may have real time surveillance of targets’ email

–in Egypt, President Morsi presides over sinking ship, clock runs on ultimatum from military leaders

–new report from US military analyst says drones kill 10 times as many innocent people than traditional air strikes

NY Times runs gushing profile of Sen. Feinstein, PBC tries to correct many mischaracterizations of DiFi

–Tea Party Republicans start food fight, pressure Mitch McConnell to retire

–FBI says it is reducing its Mafia investigations…is this a ploy to get more money from Congress?

–deaths from prescription pain killers continue to rise

–San Diego judge rules that yoga in school is OK, not a religious expression